We're making progress

SEIU Healthcare is finding new ways to deliver
big things

for you and your family, but we need your help!

Through political engagement and action, we've been able to bring your voice to the decision makers at Queen's Park and Parliament Hill. But the work to improve the lives of our members, and their families continues. If we work together for a common cause, we can ensure retirement security, improve working conditions, and make our society one that is more fair and just for all.


This is what progress looks like. 

  • Walk-A-Day with Deb Matthews, former Minister of Health and Long-Term Care
  • Sweet$16 campaign
  • Meeting with Premier at Queen’s Park in 2014
  • PSW wage increase announcement
  • Stepping up to Stop Hudak’s attacks on workers & their unions
  • DSW wage increase announcement
  • Invited to join the MCSS Development Sector Advisory Group
  • Hospital, LTC & Homecare discussion with Premier in Sudbury in January 2015
  • Washington DC ‘Women in Politics’ meeting with Premier and SEIU
  • Associate Minister of Long-Term Care agreed to walk-a-day with LTC worker
  • Public Sector Labour Relations Transition Act revision
  • Walk-A-Day with Justin Trudeau
  • ORPP to deliver more retirement security for greater retirement income


It’s only possible through politics and we need to step it up to deliver for you and your families.


Click the videos below to see your union in action...









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