Committee on Political Engagement

At SEIU Healthcare, we believe that political engagement is the key to real progress. We live in difficult times, that’s why we need to step up and take action. We can win improvements for you and your family if we take action on key issues.  But we can’t do it alone, we need your help. We can grow the economy, work to enhance retirement security and improve workplace health and safety, if we support politicians who work with us so we can deliver for you.

Our challenge will be that if political parties don’t think we can help elect them, or un-elect them, then we will struggle and our collective goals as workers of a union—and individuals—will go unmet.


That's why SEIU Healthcare Canada is a non-partisan union, we support politicians and political parties who support our collective work to win for our members and their families, that is why SEIU is the Purple Party




 See how we're working together to win for you!




Take Action!


For decades, SEIU Healthcare has stood up for our members at the bargaining table, in the workplace, and on the picket lines. But that isn’t enough. We need to ramp up our political action so we can influence the big decisions being made at Queens Park and on Parliament Hill about our economy, retirement security, and workplace health and safety.


Take action, sign-up and get involved!